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In Magprost,We have professional staffs to provide magnetic material’s production, negotiation & supply with High Quality Service for customers.

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All MAGPROST products are delivered after passing strict quality inspection.

Permanent Magnet Product

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Soft magnetic materials&transformer products

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We are responsible for solving customers’ problems, guaranteeing production system and quality assurance.

  • With professional knowledge and decades of production knowledge, we can solve many kinds of problems of our customers.
  • We provide technical support to all our factories in Japan and Overseas, with optimized production line we can meet customer’s needs.
  • In order to provide best quality products, we have setup powerful Quality Control System, as well as instant communication and coordination with our suppliers. With all these we can insure best quality.

We are responsible for serving customers

Customers’ demand is the direction we’re working on.
Please feel free to contact us for any problems
that other companies are not dealing with.


  • 2024.06.12
    Exhibited in『TECHNO-FRONTIER 2024 42th MOTOR TECH JAPAN』
    at Big Sight in Tokyo from July. 24th to 26th, 2024
    Booth No.1D-08
    We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition. NEW
  • 2024.01.11
    Exhibited in『AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 15th EV,HV&FCV Drive Technology Expo』
    at Big Sight in Tokyo
    from January 24th to 26th, 2024
    Booth No.E66-64
    We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.
  • 2023.06.04
    Exhibited in『TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023 41th MOTOR TECH JAPAN』
    at Tokyo Big Sight
    from July 26th to 28th,2023
    Booth No.1F-12
  • 2022.11.21
    Exhibited in『AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 14th EV,HV&FCV Technology Expo (EV JAPAN)』
    at Big Sight in Tokyo
    from January 25th to 27th, 2022
    Booth No.36-7
  • 2022.11.07
    Capital increased to 30 million yen due to business expansion.
  • 2022.06.20
    Exhibited in『TECHNO-FRONTIER 2022 40th MOTOR TECH JAPAN』
    at Tokyo Big Sight
    from July 20th to 22th, 2022
    Booth No.1A-08
  • 2021.11.01
    Exhibited in『AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 13th EV,HV&FCV Technology Expo (EV JAPAN)』
    at Big Sight in Tokyo
    from January 19th to 21th, 2022
    Booth No.32-46
  • 2020.12.01
    Held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 20 to 22, 2021
    We will exhibit at 『AUTOMOTIVE WORLD EV&HEV Drive System Technology Expo』
    South Halls Booth No. A444
    We look forward to your visit.


Q & A

  • Technical Questions

    Q :What type of technical service can you offer?

    A :By hearing your expected specification, we can provide higher efficient module with lower cost by analyzing production feasibility and productivity.
    So, please tell us what you need.

  • Product Supply

    Q :How do you solve small batch size and lead time issue of Overseas supplier?

    A :We have shipments come in every month from Overseas to Niigata office, and we stock enough inventory to ensure short time delivery to customers.
    So please feel free to contact us.

  • Quality Control

    Q :What actions did you take to ensure quality from Overseas?

    A :We always set highest priority to product quality, and our technicians travel to Overseas factory periodically to provide technical support.
    At meantime, Niigata business division has setup very strict IPQC to ensure highest quality level.
    Also, with Niigata emergency response system we can provide immediate assistance when customer needs help.

Consulting Service


Consultation,enquiry & any other matters ,please feel free to contact us,The relevant responsibility will reply to you in time.



●Service Consultation


No.16-39,1-Chome Chuo,Warabi-shi,Saitama,
335-0004, Japan

●Inventory Management Consultation


Niigata Business Division No.311, Azechi,
Minamiuonuma-Shi, Niigata, 949-6746, Japan
Business Service Hours:Mondays to Fridays10:00~17:00 ※Rest in holidays & festivals,and the end & the beginning of the year.

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