Provide high precision and high quality magnetic products for more customers.

Since starting a business,We have received various orders from a wide variety of manufacturers
In order to provide high precision and high quality (MAGPROST quality) products ,We’ve been always trying our best.
We will improve “quality safety”, “analytical ability” and “development capability”, further strengthening the structure,I will continue to challenge to expand the possibilities of business with magnetic

Management Philosophy

We Should always be the best reliable partner for everyone
It is the team that strives for perfection in everything and always tries to do it

Course of Action
  1. Always take a step ahead action
  2. Always hone our expertise,strive to provide the best products and never give up.
  3. Always keep pursuit
  4. Always seek for truth
  5. Always be grateful,repay society

Quality Policy

We Should always be the best reliable partner for everyone
Strive for continuous improvement of quality and service.

Course of Action
  1. Stand in the objective position to carry out quality decision.
  2. For the problems, thoroughly analyze the potential reasons and try our best to improve them.
  3. Actively present problems to material suppliers,improve quality together.
  4. Try to combine this activity with the optimal price and delivery period.
  5. The entire staff of all departments collaborate together to become one,execute this action policy.

Environmental Policy

We are the first to contribute to the improvement and conservation of the environment,try to reduce environmental burdens

Course of Action
  1. Comply with environmental regulations and agreed customers requirements.
  2. Inform the suppliers of the requirements of our company and the customers.
  3. Strive to save energy and resources in all our company activities.
  4. To manage and dispose the industrial wastes discharged from our company,to prevent the pollution expand.
  5. Inform all staffs of this environmental action policy and announce it outside the company.

Company Profile

Location No.7-6, 2-Chome Tsukagoshi,Warabi-Shi, Saitama, 335-0002, Japan
IP phone.050-5525-6835
Established time 2007/8/3
Fund 9,000,000YEN
Business •Various magnetic materials and peripheral equipment component‘s import & sales   
•Various magnetic materials and peripheral equipment component‘s assembly,machining and sales          
•Electron devices and peripheral equipment‘s import & sales   
Niigata Business Division
No.311, Azechi, Minamiuonuma-Shi, Niigata, 949-6746, Japan
Shanghai Company 
Head Office Location
〒200131 China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Branch Location 〒200120 Pudong,Shanghai China
1702,No.1101 South pudong Road,YUANDONG BUILDING

The origin of the company name

As an all-directional magnetic professional enterprise, provide products plan, supply, and evaluation, testing and other services of the magnets
Company name MAGPROST,It reflects the philosophy of “offering higher quality products to more customers”
MAGNETIC和PROFESSIONAL,plus reliable products that symbolizes stability and security ‘SAFTY“
a symbol of quality assurance”SECURITY” S,and the technical developed by professional knowledge and rich experience “TECHNOLOGY” T,
These words and letters come together to become –MAGPROST.

The company’s symbolic color reflects the enthusiasm and persistence of high quality products
The base color is red,and grey color of magnetic material is the match color.
Take this symbol as the principal axis,provide the products to customers that can be satisfied.