In order to supply high quality products

As a specialist enterprise in magnetic materials,MAGPROST completely pursue the high quality requirements
Whether in Japan and in China,In order to ensure quality,MAGPROST masters products control and improvement,conducts appropriate technical guidance,
Double check the products through the inspection result of the factory and the inner inspection system
Datamation of quality measurement results、through real-time reflection,achieve the maintenance of high quality products.

Quality Pursuit

In order to achieve the MAGPROST Quality

For production lines of each factory,MAGPROST will regularly send production managers with rich experience in magnet products
This is not only to raise technical quality,but also to guide and improve the factory process capability continuously from everyday quality inspections。
MAGPROST’s quality assurance department will also conduct daily strict inspection of the warehouse 。Datamation of quality measurement results,Look for changes in product quality
If find even a slight change,will be immediately feedback to the production line。Make the whole system guarantee the high quality of the product。
In this stable and effective inspection system,Form a system that provides a stable supply of high-quality products,Therefore, we are deeply trusted by our customers.

Completely check system

Control real-time quality inspection system

The quality assurance department is equipped with quality inspection instruments,conducts strict quality inspection every day。Datamation of quality measurement results
In order to quickly detect changes in quality。Information will be quickly feedback to the production site。The organized management system win the trust of the customers.

Evaluation facility・Processing equipment

Equipped with evaluation facility・processing equipment Niigata business division

MAGPROST‘s Niigata business division equipped all kinds of measuring instruments to manage quality,and also equipped with processing equipment,can deal with the high difficulty of the magnetization process and the response sample phase verification quickly
In addition,the products shipped through logistics will be kept in Niigata business division every month
Therefore, the inventory can be used to deal with small delivery and short L/T.The flexible supply system can quickly reponse to the various needs of customers.

    ■test instrument(evaluate size)

  • Image size measuring instrument

  • Three dimensional tester

  • projector

    ■test instrument(magnetic performance)

  • Magnetic analyzer

  • teslameter

  • precision LCR instrument

  • Impedance Analyzer

    ■test instrument(stress appraisal)

  • Fracture strength measuring machine

  • Power Wrist

    ■stereoscopic microscope

  • stereoscopic microscope

    ■environmental test device

  • High speed life test device

  • Small and ultra-low temperature humidifier

    ■magnetization equipment

  • Rechargeable magnetic power supply device

Magnetic field analysis program JMAG verification
The magnetic field analyze at the initial stage,Then propose the best material

    agnetic field analysis image