We respond in the supply system to meet the needs

We receive orders for mass production about from sample to small-lot production.From planning of product specification to productization,
MAGPROST will utilize our extensive experience to respond to meet all of the needs of magnetic
In order to maintain the quality of the production factroy, proficient magnetic materials production technicists responsed for unified management from order receipt to delivery
We fully verify the product and production plan,provide the best purchasing plan for customers.

Stable Production and Prompt Reponse

Production system utilizing manufacturer experience

MAGPROST’s production system is a inter inspection organization which has the compatibility from Japan to China factories netweorks and quality control system
Deliver high quality products to customers quickly and accurately with the real-time cooperation application,
our professional staff including detailed technical guidance to the manufacturing site、management and adjustment of production engineering、quality inspection and so on ,All are managed by our company。Thus, the visualization of quality is achieved
The experience as a manufacturer was maximised,Therefore, we always strive to provide products that are above the quality level of the customers

Flexible Response

Expert staff proposes the production corresponding to every need

Collaborate with MAGPROST professionals who have the rich experience in magnet production field,exchange of opinions and information with customers,to achieve the customers demand of the product supply
Provide the most reasonable production line plan according to the quantity, cost and schedule
Both mass production and small batch production can be handled flexibly
Even overseas production,it can also be ordered in small batches.For emergency orders,can also be handled by the inventory.

Implement product proposals with abundant plans

Only proficient in magnetic materials can be implement productization

In MAGPROST,not only produces industrial products by our rich professional knowledge,
but also makes proposals and produces products for school
There are many living examples that implement customers’ ideas to productization